Products & Services
  • Specialized and advanced transportation fleet for intercity and international product transfer.
  • Specialized and advanced distribution fleet for capillary distribution of the product at the local and urban levels.
  • Primary cooling services to bring the condition of freshly harvested agricultural products to the right temperature.
  • Goods packing services,
  • Transport and distribution planning services,
  • Cold logistics quality control services.

The use of cold logistics keeps perishable products at a high-quality level at the point of consumption. Failure to store products in appropriate temperature conditions will lead to adverse results such as the destruction of product texture, product color change, bruising, and the growth of microbes in the product.

In this field, issues such as planning, distribution, transportation, storage, and quality control of perishable goods are considered. For this reason, cars, containers, warehouses, and special equipment are needed to maintain the environmental and quality conditions of the product. In addition to the mentioned physical infrastructure, to run the product, specialized

and trained human resources and processes are needed to ensure that the quality requirements are met and the quality of the product is maintained.

IBKO group of companies can provide specialized services benefiting from a comprehensive and advanced network in the field of cold logistics, having advanced software and hardware infrastructure, including specialized warehouse equipment to keep the product in controlled conditions, primary cooling equipment to bring the conditions of freshly harvested agricultural products to an appropriate temperature, temperature measurement equipment, position tracking, and product environmental condition monitoring.