Products & Services
  • Examination characterization of different mineral ores to evaluate their processing capability and investigate different methods of extraction of metallic and non-metallic elements in the laboratory and on pilot scales,
  • Process design and flowsheet development for processing plants to extract valuable products from minerals,
  • Conducting preliminary and supplementary studies to obtain by-products with high added value in production processes,
  • Controlling the quality of manufactured products and the performance of process equipment in the company,
  • Data collection and efficiency monitoring of existing processes and optimization of mineral processing circuits,
  • Optimizing production processes to reduce the consumption of materials and energy from a technical and economic point of view, with the aim of high economic efficiency production,
  • Development of new technologies in the field of mineral processing and equipment,
  • Environmental assessment of mineral processing steps to reduce the risks of flotation operations and metal production.

Mineral processing is an operation that is carried out on a run of mine (ROM) ores. Since the extracted ores are usually low grade in metal content, they cannot be directly used in the industry, during several stages of mineral processing, the ore is enriched and reaches an acceptable grade, which can be used in the smelting industries.

By using various processing methods, this group’s experts are able to conduct processing studies for low grades ores up to the stage of metal production.

In IBKO group, all processing steps, including crushing (jaw, cone, hammer, and roller crushers), grinding (ball, rod and disc mills), gravity methods (heavy medium, jig, vibrating table, hydro cyclone, and spiral), flotation (mechanical and Jameson cells), hydrometallurgical methods (leaching, solvent extraction, solution purification, and electro winning) are carried out on a laboratory and pilot scale.

The results of these studies are released in the form of engineering documents and will be used in compliance with process design standards for the construction of mineral processing plants.

IBKO group has an analysis laboratory equipped with AAS and ICP instruments and benefiting from expert personnel. This lab is able to measure the elements in all kinds of ores with very low detection limits. The methods used in this unit are evaluated and validated using international standards.