Economical Activities

IBKO, as the economic auxiliary for the Dehbakari sector, considers itself committed to taking steps towards sustainable employment and improving the lives of the residents of the region by recognizing the capabilities, culture, resources, geology, and ecology of the region.

Service Sector (Tourism)

In order to develop tourism in Dehbakari, IBKO Group is trying to formulate effective strategies to build a hotel with the concept of a Qajar village and experience life in that historical period, as well as a museum to display the ancient objects found in the region.

Agricultural Sector

To create added value and an export advantage for the date industry of the region, IBKO has various units such as the date research institute, comprehensive national date cooperative, laboratory, date standard production and processing center, and production factories.

Industry Sector
  • Creation of more job opportunities Khan Khatoon mining site,
  • Creating more job opportunities in the Khan Khatoon processing factory,
  • Increasing employment through the lime production and packaging factory (soon),
  • Recruitment of native heads of household women in the sewing workshop (soon).