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  • Lead concentrate
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  • Zinc plate

Khan Khatoon processing plant includes a set of equipment and processes for the processing of received soil and minerals by methods such as flotation, spiral, leaching, and heavy media. For the design of each of these processing lines, various processing tests have been carried out using laboratory systems at different levels, from the exploration phase to sample processing, which have led to the full operation phase.

Among the capabilities of this factory, we can mention the ability to change the production lines in the shortest possible time to match the

The equipment of this factory includes different types of stone crushers, ball mills, flotation cells, and leaching tanks, most of which are made by the local experts of IBKO Group in the equipment and machinery factory of the complex, and they have met the characteristics required by the designers of the processing lines.

soil/rock entering the factory in such a way that it has the highest desired productivity.