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  • Lead and zinc soil/ore


Mining engineering is one of the oldest and most complex fields of engineering that requires various expertise from the stage of designing, managing, and extracting a mine to the stage of delivering raw materials to the market.

Extraction engineering activities include various fields such as drilling, creating surface and underground spaces, structural engineering, maintenance, transportation and transfer of excavated and extracted materials, ventilation, collecting underground water, and finally selling minerals.

To ensure economic production in safe conditions, it is necessary to prepare the mine throughout its life with comprehensive design and planning. This means that according to the geometric characteristics of the deposit, the geological conditions of the region, and economic and environmental considerations, the appropriate extraction method should be chosen.

In the IBKO Group, after obtaining the exploitation license, extraction planning is done by the field experts. Having diverse capabilities in various fields, such as road construction, drilling, extraction, and related matters, this group provides a suitable platform for the exploitation of mines.

Khan Khatoon mine is one of the mines of the IBKO group which the mining operations are carried out continuously, and the extracted minerals, are both sold in the market; and transferred to the processing plants of the IBKO group for further operations.