Products & Services
  • Design of metal structures,
  • Design of equipment and machinery,
  • Construction of equipment and machinery for production lines of processing plants and other factories of the group,
  • Construction of metal structures,
  • Repairing factory equipment and machinery.

IBKO Group’s equipment and machinery manufacturing factory manages a series of operations, including design, planning, manufacturing, quality control, loading, and transportation of equipment, machinery, and metal structures.

In line with the goals of the organization, this factory uses human resources specialized in the fields of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, civil engineering, and metallurgy. In addition to the specialized manpower, the mentioned factory has a wide range of equipment, including cutting machines such as the guillotine, profile saw, and CNC cutting; rolling machines; edging and hub machines; turning machines; milling machines; drill machines; and sandblasting and painting machines. By the use of the mentioned collection this factory has achieved significant success in the field of manufacturing all kinds of equipment and machinery needed by the group’s factories and also metal structures.

To ensure production with the planned time and cost as well as with the required quality level, this factory has employed various processes, including design, cutting, rolling and shaping, turning and machining, assembly and welding, sandblasting, and painting.