At a Glance

We are “IBKO”, one of the ME’s largest globally diversified commodity-based products companies.

Established in 2010, IBKO started its operations through exploration activities in the Khan Khatoon mine.

We have grown to become a major producer and marketer of commodities – employing about 2,000 people in ME.

Our operations cover around 30 mining, metallurgical, and production facilities.

Over the years, IBKO has developed its capabilities and has become one of the largest private industrial groups in the ME with industrial activities and products ranging from mining and mining industries to agriculture and food industries sectors.

Determined to be a world-class company, IBKO founded its R&D and process control departments benefiting from using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, characterizing its knowledge-based competitive advantage.

Our ERP is used by almost all types of our businesses to streamline our business processes, leading to an increase in revenue margin and efficiency, achieving predictable performance based on big data, while improving communication across the company.