What we do

IBKO Group of Companies operates in the fields of mining, mining industry, agriculture, and food industries.

Based on its supervisory strategies, IBKO defines businesses in three areas: strategic businesses, common resources functions, and shared services functions.

Shared service functions are created to centrally serve businesses and supervise them as needed, and are centralized for specialization or scale reasons. Among others, functions of enterprise architecture, strategy, information management, safety, quality of products, finance, human resources, legal, security, and communication can be named.

Common resources functions are focused on specific resources or capabilities and create a more competitive advantage by optimally using resources throughout the organization. Among them, functions of design and construction, project management, logistics, and commerce can be mentioned. Read more

In the meantime, design and construction function, including infrastructure design, equipment, and machinery design, equipment and machinery manufacturing, infrastructure implementation, and ultimately their installation and setting up, helps strategic businesses in realizing their basic infrastructures.

Among the most important components of this complex are the Mechanical Engineering Research and Technological Development Department as well as the Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing Factory.

Strategic businesses are a set of related business units that pursue a specific competitive strategy and often have more control over the elements of their value chain and business model.

The first strategic business of this group is the mining group, whose activity starts with exploration engineering and after performing the extraction activity, they obtain salable or ready-for-processing operations mineral ore.

Among the most important components of this complex are the Geomatics, Geology, and Exploration units, and the mines of Khan Khatoon and Tarz. Read more

The mining industries group comes next, which, through processing research activities, creates up-to-date and appropriate methods for processing mineral ores and converting them into concentrate, sheet, and ingot through processing operations. In addition, by performing finishing operations, galvanized sheets and anodes are also produced.

Among the most important components of this complex are the processing research and control, and Khan Khatoon and Saveh processing factories. Read more

The next business is the agricultural and food industries group, whose most important activities are agricultural research, planting, growing, and harvesting operations of special agricultural products, and finally, the production of seedlings and ready-to-use packaged products, which are delivered to the destination markets through the logistics function of perishable materials. This group also offers diverse and special products such as dried fruit by using food processing.

Among the most important components of this complex are the Jiroft greenhouse and the Mahan dry fruit factory. Read more

Also, the logistics function of perishable goods, which begins with their initial cooling and continues to include packaging for transportation, cold transportation, storage, and finally cold distribution, complements the agricultural and food value chains.