Dear applicants,

In the IBKO group of companies, we believe that human capital is the most important organizational capital and that it guarantees success.

We believe that professionals do not just work for salary and livelihood; they also seek dignity, social standing, and a dynamic work environment.

If you believe that you are a committed, responsible, and quality-oriented person and you want to experience life in an industrial and mining organization at the international level, we will welcome you at the IBKO Group of Companies in the fields of mining exploration and extraction, mining industries, agricultural and food industries, research, and mechanical engineering, logistics, business, strategic planning, project management, organizational process design, information technology, information systems, finance, human resources, safety, health, the environment, and natural resources, among other related matters.

To apply for employment, please download the cooperation request file from “here” and send it to after completion.

Our colleagues in the human resources department will contact you after reviewing and approving your resume.