Products & Services
  • Searching for minerals studies and operations,
  • Preparation of geological maps on a small and large scale,
  • Sampling to perform elemental analysis tests,
  • Feasibility studies (technical and economic analyses),
  • Drone imaging,
  • Preparation of topographic maps using aerial images,
  • Designing the sampling network and carrying out geochemical studies,
  • Drilling trenches and wells,
  • Core and reverse circulation drilling,
  • Logging operation of drilling cores.

Mining exploration is a diverse set of sciences, techniques, methods, and operations that, by determining the grade, tonnage, and geometry of deposits on the surface and underground, ultimately lead to the discovery of metallic and non-metallic mineral resources and reserves that have economic value.

The exploration of deposits includes three main stages: prospecting, preliminary exploration, and detailed exploration.

These steps include processes such as remote sensing, economic geology, structural geology, geophysics, geochemistry, mechanical trenching operations, primary drilling network design and supplementary drilling network optimization, reverse circulation and core drilling operations, integration of collected data, technical and economic evaluation, and finally modeling and evaluation of mineral reserves.

Since the studies and operations of the mentioned processes are expensive, depending on the type of target mineral, it is necessary to properly manage the implementation of the mentioned processes to discover mineral deposits.

Considering the skills and expertise of the geological and exploration engineers of the IBKO Group, the proper advancement of exploration goals and operations are carried out in a completely specialized manner, and the result of the efforts of this group has led to the registration of a significant number of mineral zones and areas and the preparation of reserve models and reports for them.

The fields of geology and exploration of the IBKO Group, in the exploration of metallic and non-metallic mines and in line with the advancement of the organization’s short-term and long-term goals, benefit from experts in the field and office with expertise in economic geology, structural geology, stratigraphy and paleontology, sedimentology, geochemistry, and exploration engineering.

In addition to expert human resources, acting as a powerful arm in advancing exploratory goals, to carry out exploratory operations, the mentioned area has various pieces of equipment, including mechanical drill wagons machines, and portable core drilling machines, whichl can drill in high and inaccessible areas without the need for road construction, reverse circulation (RC) machines, field off-road vehicles, as well as mechanical excavators, and by using the aforementioned capabilities, it has achieved considerable success in many exploration fields in recent years.

Furthermore, the IBKO Group works in the field of training talented personnel for research and development in surface and subsurface mine exploration as well as increasing the scientific and practical level of carrying out exploration operations.